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welcome to vegas voice institute

Vegas Voice Institute is an outpatient speech therapy clinic that is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of voice problems in the general population and in the professional voice user (singer, actor, speaker, teacher), swallowing problems, aphasia and cognitive-memory problems. We offer some general speech services such as stuttering, accent modication, and articulation problems but our focus is voice, swallowing, and neurogenic disorders.

latest Video Posts

VCD Attack part 3

This is an update of one of our amazing patient who used to have very bad vocal cord dysfunction and therefore extremely bad breathing problems when he ran.

VCD Attack part 2

This is a Vegas Voice Institute patient who was having trouble getting a good exercise routine but could not because of his Vocal Cord Dysfunction making it difficult to breath.

Speech Therapy & Speech Disorder

A great video of our team together and practicing a very difficult word and having a great time. Great techniques and laughs with Vegas Voice Institute.